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What type of work does McKinsey do?

We help our clients solve their most important problems with a single goal in mind – to create substantial and lasting impact. For example:

The difference in vaccination coverage between high-income countries and developing countries is more than 10%. We worked hand in hand with one of the largest foundations in the world to find new ways to transport vaccines that require refrigeration and reach the people in developing countries that need them most. This work is seen as a major step in reducing the three million children in developing countries that die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases.

We were asked by a global consumer electronics company to help them figure out how to best use their marketing budget. The team mapped how potential customers make their purchasing decision, and developed a new digital media program to appeal to customers and to influence their decision. The product involved in the test phase soon became the company's top selling item, and the new program is projected to increase company sales by $300 million.

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