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What is McKinsey?

A premiere management consulting firm

  • As management consultants, we help senior leaders across the private, public, and social sectors solve pressing problems
  • We work with more than 80% of Fortune's Most Admired Companies, and in the past five years have worked with more than 70 governments and five of the ten largest foundations in the U.S.
  • Our resources, skill, and expertise allow us to address problems no one else can, delivering real impact and results

An unparalleled environment for exceptional people

  • McKinsey hires undergraduates as Business Analysts (BAs), who come to the firm to build their skills and accelerate their career prospects. From day one, BAs are integral members of the team with significant responsibility and full participation in the problem solving with the team and client
  • After their first two years at the firm, most BAs pursue one or more firm-supported career paths ‒ a BA may choose to transfer to a McKinsey office in another country; to work on a topic they are passionate about; to attend graduate school, sponsored by the firm; or to continue their journey at McKinsey on a path to partner, since there is no requirement that BAs attend graduate school to advance within the firm
  • Business Week ranks global MBA programs in part by how many of their graduates go on to work for McKinsey
  • We build tomorrow's leaders; in fact, McKinsey produces more Fortune 100 CEOs than any other institution